"Running a course is challenging and you can not afford to ignore a tool that provides real benefits without any cost or downside. If you own or operate a golf course, you need to learn about Charitee."

Jamie Loughan-GM at Lees Hill GC

Below are two media features that each explain how the Charitee Program works and the benefits it delivers to golf courses.  The piece on the left is a video, "Tee It Up Ohio" and the piece on the right is a radio interview from "Those Weekend Golf Guys" in Louisville KY.  Both pieces were produced in 2011 and the program has slightly evolved and improved.  However, the changes are minimal and the video and radio interview are great tools to get a broad understanding of the program and to see what the cameras on the course look like. 

If you have concerns that the Charitee Program may take away from the natural beauty and look of the course, the video should alleviate those fears.

             Charitee Golf Featured on Tee It Up Ohio

           Golf Radio Show featuring of Charitee Golf



If you want to learn more about the Charitee Program and to understand if it is a good fit for your course, contact Mike Burkons at 216.832.6771 or email him at Mburkons@chariteegolf.net.