"Running a course is challenging and you can not afford to ignore a tool that provides real benefits without any cost or downside. If you own or operate a golf course, you need to learn about Charitee."

Jamie Loughan-GM at Lees Hill GC

What is the Charitee Program and how does it work?

Below are questions and answers that describe how the Charitee Program works


1. What is the Charitee Program?

  • Hole-in-One and proximity contests have been around almost as long as golf due to the extra excitement and value they add to a golfer’s round.  However, it is likely you will only find these contests at outings and events because they require the course to staff the hole with a witness. 
  • Charitee Golf places discrete outdoor surveillance technology on one of the course’s par 3 holes so they can offer the added excitement and value of a Hole-in-One and proximity contest to all of their golfers, every round they play.


2. How much does the Charitee System cost a course?

  • Absolutely nothing.  Charitee Golf pays for the entire cost of the equipment and installation. Once it is up and running, Charitee Golf pays all costs associated with program.  These costs include all prizes that are issued, the amount that is generated for the course's youth golf efforts as well as the cost of all post round free drinks that are redeemed from the ticket promotion.
  • There is absolutely no cost, risk or downside to the course to install the Charitee System. 

3. If the course isn't happy, can they discontinue? How long is the commitment?

  • Despite bearing the entire cost of the installation, Charitee Golf takes great pride that a course can discontinue the program at anytime and for any reason without penalty.  By offering the program this way, there is absolutely no cost, risk, downside or commitment required to give the Charitee Program a trial at your course.
  • Charitee Golf would not expect or want a course to continue the program if they don't think it is in their best interest. The benefits received by the course are real, objective and measurable and they come without any cost, risk or downside.  We are confident that once the course sees first hand these benefits that are delivered without any cost, risk or downside, they will not want to discontinue the program.

4. How does the Charitee Program work?

  • When a golfer checks in at the pro shop for their round, they can opt into the Charitee Challenge with a voluntary $3 purchase.
  • Golfers who enter the contest will recieve a ticket which contains all the relevant information.
  • Charitee Golf provides the course with the small laptop and printer needed to issue the ticket.
  • The only thing the course needs to do is add a $3 Charitee Golf SKU to their POS system.  If a golfer enters the contest, the course charges them and collects payment the same way they would with any other SKU .

5. What does the golfer win and/or receive if they enter the Charitee Challenge?

  • If the golfer hits a Hole-in-One they will win $1000 and the course's youth golf efforts will receive $500.
  • If the golfer's shot comes to rest within the flagstick they will win a $20 merchandise only gift certificate to the course's pro shop.
  • Just for entering the contest, the golfer will get their first drink after their round for free (non premium domestic draft, fountain soda or coffee). 
  • Charitee Golf pays the cost of every drink ticket that is redeemed. This free drink is specifically limited to after the golfer's round in order to drive more people to stay and continue spending at the course's bar and restaurant.  The ticket the golfer recieves will include the drink voucher on it as well as the time and date it was issued so your F&B staff can enforce that it is only used after the golfer's round.

6. Does the golfer have to do anything different when they get to the hole?

  • No. 
  • When the golfer arrives at the Charitee Challenge hole, they will be greeted with a small sign reminding them 1) this is the contest hole, 2) the cameras are continuously recording and 3) what to do if they hit a Hole-in-One or if their tee shot comes to rest within the flag stick.
  • Woman can hit from the front tees and men can hit from any other set of tees.
  • The Charitee program does not slow down or effect the pace of play.

7. Is the course responsible for reviewing the footage?

  • No. Charitee Golf is able to pull the footage via wireless technology and they review all winning shots from their main office.

8. What happens if the cameras don't work and there was a Hole-in-One?

  • This is a natural and reasonable concern for golf courses as they don't want to be in the middle of an embarrassing controversy.  Because of this, Charitee Golf's policy is that they pay every single claimed winning shot unless they produce clear and unquestionable footage which contradicts the golfer's claim of a winning shot. 
  • This has never happened but Charitee Golf wants to ensure courses that they will never be on the hook over a disputed winning shot.

9. What is involved in the installation and does it effect a courses normal operations?

  • The entire installation takes less than a day and it does not effect the course's normal play or operations. 
  • In the clubhouse, we place a small laptop and ticket printer behind your counter as well as a sign that explains the program to your golfers.  Charitee Golf does not begin to place these three items until the course approves of their location.  Once the course signs off on the placement, the inside part of the installation takes less than a half hour and does not effect the course's operations.
  • On the course, we place a small discrete sign to greet golfers as they arrive at the hole.   Our camera pole is placed at least 50 feet or more from the green. We will only place it in an area that does not obstruct normal play on the contest hole or any adjacent holes and we will only place the camera pole in a location that does not take away from the natural look and beauty of the course.   There are two cameras on this pole.  One captures the entire green area and the other captures the entire tee area.  These cameras are solar powered and wireless so we do not have to dig up the course to get power and connectivity. 
  • If for any reason the course decides to discontinue the program, it takes less than an hour for Charitee to remove all the equipment. 


If you want to learn more about the Charitee Program and to understand if it is a good fit for your course, contact Mike Burkons at 216.832.6771 or email him at Mburkons@chariteegolf.net.